LeakSMART – First Generation Leak Prevention Kit – (1) Shut Off Valve for 3/4″ Water main + (1) Sensor

Price: $$104.99
  • INCLUDES: [FIRST GENERATION] (1) leakSMART patented, automatic water shut-off valve (3/4″), (1) leakSMART wireless & waterproof sensor – Professional installation is recommended.
  • LEAK PROTECTION: The leakSMART FIRST GENERATION Valve is a patented, electronic motorized brass water ball valve that connects directly to your home’s main water supply, always ready to automatically shut off your water in the event of a leak
  • LEAK DETECTION SENSORS: leakSMART FIRST GENERATION Sensors are wireless and waterproof, so you can easily and continuously monitor moisture and temperature throughout the house. Additional sensors can be purchased separately
  • COMPATIBILITY: When paired with a Wink, IRIS, or Zigbee based system, each leakSMART sensor is designed to signal your leakSMART Valve to automatically shut off your water the moment a potential leak is detected, and to send you instant notifications – in less than 5 seconds
  • Connect. Protect. Trust.
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